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A Tofu Tail Puzzle Game December Release Date

Pittsburgh-based indie game developer alchemedium has given A Tofu Tail a release date in mid-December for their puzzle game that features tofu, foxes, and Japanese folklore.

After several years or development and learning, alchemedium, is ready to bring a flavor-swapping puzzle title to market. The game is a fairytale about a man who was turned into tofu by the Kitsune, a deceptive fox spirit. Mr. Tofu must search and solve the puzzle realms of the foxes for a way to break the curse laid upon him.

Gameplay is set in a vividly colorful world where players move a sentient tofu cube around an immersive puzzle world. Players can only move Mr. Tofu to tiles that are the same color as him. Mr. Tofu can absorb colors from objects around him, changing his color and allowing additional progression. As a player journeys through the various fox puzzle worlds more challenges emerge.

At release there are over 100 levels of puzzles. Each of the dream-like Kitsune worlds waits for players to explore and experience. The story is influenced by Japanese folklore and is presented in a unique hand-drawn art style along with a chiptune soundtrack.

The game had been in part-time development for several years. Then in October 2015 the title was greenlit by the Steam community. During the development A Tofu Tail underwent a design change that altered the core game experience from procedurally generated to handcrafted puzzles.

Continued playtesting and feedback proved to the team that the puzzles needed to be hand-crafted rather than procedurally generated; created with careful iteration and more designer intent. This pivot further delayed release of the game, but we believe that we now have a solid experience that will keep players engrossed for extended play!

Doug Locke, Developer on A Tofu Tail

A Tofu Tail release date has been set for December 12, 2019. The game will be available on Steam and platforms for Windows MacOS, and Linux at a price of $14.99 USD. For the latest information about A Tofu Tail visit the game’s website at A demo is available to play at

A Tofu Tail – Launch Trailer | alchemedium

alchemedium (@alchemedium Twitter) is an indie game studio based in Pittsburgh, PA. The studio was founded in January of 2013 by co-workers and high school friends Ryan Albert, Ryan Brolley, and Doug Locke. Tom Benoit, a musician, and Andy Randas, a writer, joined the team soon after.