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ID-EGO Sci-Fi FPS Takes on Alien Invaders

Indie game studio rosmic games announced that their debut game, ID-EGO, is out now and ready for players to take on some nasty aliens.

Since 2017, ID-EGO has been in development to bring an old school feel to a modern FPS. The setting is a post-alien invasion where after the devastating attack, the player wakes up behind enemy lines. A mysterious drone somehow brought the player back to life and now must take the fight to aliens inside their ship.

The drone who acts as a wanna-be-overlord is known as ID-EGO and acts as a backseat driver to the player. Whether it is sending the player on missions or into the depths of the ship, even if it can’t be trusted, ID-EGO is all the player has and is their best bet for survival.

As players journey through the single player gameplay they will need to survive action packed FPS combat, solve puzzles to get past obstacles, and find hidden secrets to gain advantages over the aliens. Along the way on this sci-fi journey, bosses will try to stop the player.

Being based on old school shooters, players will have to figure things out for themselves. They decided on how to progress as there are no special abilities or level skipping. A big focus in ID-EGO is on gameplay allowing players the opportunity to choose and refine their playstyle. This can come in many flavors such as brute force, run and run, or play it safe and let the enemies come to the player.

Some levels are procedurally generated making no gameplay experience the same. There are four difficulty settings that gives players of all types a means of experience the game. New to old school FPS players can opt to start out on easy mode where veterans of the genre can jump straight into insane mode.

ID-EGO is available now on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $24.99 USD. A special launch promotion discounting the game down to $19.99 USD runs until December 1, 2019. The latest information on ID-EGO can be found on the game’s website at or follow @ID_EGO_Game on Twitter.

ID-EGO Gameplay Trailer | rosmic games

rosmic games is an independent game development studio based in Borås, Sweden. The studio was founded in 2017 by a small group of gaming enthusiasts. ID-EGO is the studio’s first title and was developed with Unreal Engine 4.