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GearStorm Early Access Military Survival Sim

Iron City Games have released their military simulator and sandbox-style survival title GearStorm into early access this week. The game features exploration, crafting, engaging stories, base-building, and FPS action.

The world of GearStorm takes place in the year 2185 after the human race is nearly wiped out by years of war and a virulent genetically-engineered biological weapon called the Phage. This weapon when unleashed weaponized the infected by turning them into furious bio-mechanical horrors. Worse of all the Phage was not limited to just humanity as it spread like wildfire through nature.

With Earth a desolate wasteland and no way to undo the damage, the remnants of humanity retreated into bunkers, walled cities, and fortresses. When all hope was nearly lost, NASA’s now century old space telescope TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) discovered a new habitable world. After sending probes to the unlikely extraterrestrial world, the planet named Apollyon revealed amazing findings a few dozen light-years away with continents and a large ocean with flourishing flora and fauna.

A new space race had begun on Earth with news of Apollyon’s wonderful bounty. Several tragic mishaps and losses occurred as attempts to send manned generation ships to Apollyon had failed. In an act of desperation, several small probes fitted with bio-printers and encoded with DNA and the mental recordings of Earth’s remaining finest were sent to the planet. Player’s are one of the so called fabricants, a ghost of Earth’s past humans, now on an alien world to start humanity over.

Brian’s (Rivers) exploits as a top modder made it clear that we could do one better and make an actual game. GearStorm puts everything we love about games together in one neat package: a massive planet with alien flora and fauna, a game-changing in-game quest authoring system, beautiful Unreal 4 graphics, and tons of gameplay variety with FPS, RPG and even sandbox/survival mechanics in both single and multiplayer. We spent five years working on GearStorm and are thrilled to finally share it with gamers everywhere.

Shawn Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO at Iron City Games

Key features of the game include intense military sci-fi gameplay in first or third person point of views. Players can play the way they want. Single or multiplayer campaign with multiple factions and alliances with loads of ancient mysteries to uncover.

Terraforming the environment as necessary lets players leave their mark on a fully destructible open world. Through quests players and exploring the alien world players can build up their character. Players can survive by using exploration, resource management, and a crafting system to build a base or even a colony.

GearStorm is available now in early access on Steam for PC at a price of $19.99 USD. A 40% discount special promotion runs until November 27, 2019 pricing the game at $11.99 USD on Steam. The latest information about GearStorm can be found on the game’s website at or follow @GearStormGame on Twitter.

GearStorm Trailer November 2019 | Iron City Games

Iron City Games is game development company founded in 2018 by Brian Rivers and Shawn Ellis. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, these two avid gamers, modders, and seasoned technology professionals bring 50 years of combined software development and management skills together that create a singular vision.