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Abandon Ship Leaving Early Access

Fireblade Software is ready to let Abandon Ship set sail for waters beyond early access and explore the vast Age of Sail world.

Abandon Ship is a game where players take command of a ship and crew in an Age of Sail ship. From there they will explore a vast world full of story that responds to a player’s decisions. The high seas is a dangerous place where enemy vessels, fortifications, and sea monsters await.

The art styling of Abandon Ship is inspired by classic naval oil paintings. While inspired by real art the world is still set in fantasy. There are over 100 maps witch each having at least one unique island and event or quest to discover. Diverse biomes and themed areas full of story wait for adventurers from ghost ships in the Haunted Seas to giant arachnids in the Spider islands. In the launch release all original regions have been revamped to match the quality of recent unlocked areas.

With the full release launch also comes the epic conclusion of the main story. It features a battle against an all-conquering cult that worships sea monsters.

Freeplay Mode has been added which is set after the world-changing events of the main story. All of the map is unlocked to explore with the long-term goal of rebuilding a Pirate Base. The final region has been unlocked allowing players to venture into the Uncharted. It features an inhospitable region full of the weird and the wonderful. Lightning storms, shallow waters, and several other environmental modifiers lay in wait to challenge ship captains.

As a player goes about their piracy and making allies or enemies they must remember that that game doesn’t end if their ship is destroyed. As long as the captain lives there is always hope. Lifeboats to floating alone in water there is always chance to fight one’s way back up to the top. Just don’t forget that death, however, is permanent.

Abandon Ship is available at Humble Bundle and Steam for PC at a price of $39.99 USD. For the latest information on Abandon Ship visit the game’s website at or follow @GameAbandonShip on Twitter.

Abandon Ship Full Release Trailer | Fireblade Software

Fireblade Software is an indie developer based out of Guildford in the United Kingdom. The studio is comprised of both industry veterans and new talent such as Gary Burchell (Assassin’s Creed Chronicles) and Adam Thacker.

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