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We Were Here Together Co-Op Puzzle Adventure

Out today on PC is We Were Here Together, a two player co-op puzzle adventure game from Total Mayhem Games. This latest release is the third and largest yet installment in the We Were Here series.

The story of We Were Here Together takes place at a base expedition camp through Antarctica. Players must travel from camp to the sinister Castle Rock while not knowing what awaits for them inside.

Communication with one’s co-op partner is key to survival. Everything in the We Were Here series is dependent on communication. Each clue, every puzzle, and ultimately success all hinges on this communication.

Puzzles are asymmetric that gives each partner different information. Players are challenged to talk to each other and figure out what information is necessary and how to solve the puzzle before them. Each co-op partner team have only their wits, a walkie-talkie, and what other information they find along the way. In other words, teamwork, observation, and smart communication is key to surviving the cold.

In this third entry into the We Were Here series the developers listened to fan requests. More emphasis on story that ever before along with new gameplay mechanics, locations, and puzzles have been added. Several large environments are available for exploration with puzzles to solve.

We’ve often received questions from fans trying to unravel the story behind Castle Rock, and with We Were Here Together we have gone deeper into the backstory, while offering more great puzzles and some beautiful new locations to explore. We hope everyone will enjoy our latest take on the mystery of Castle Rock in our third game.

Lucia de Visser, Project Lead

Several innovations in the game should thrill returning fans to the franchise while being able to grab first time players. Co-op is closer than before. Players will not always be split up from their partner this time as they can explore together and swap roles in puzzles for different perspectives. Just be careful as Castle Rock has some surprises in store for the partners.

Players can collect an inventory of useful items which can be improvised or used to solve puzzles and progress towards the story’s finale. For the first time players can do puzzle’s outside of Castle Rock from the deceptively cozy expedition base camp through the sub-zero valleys to the breath-taking frozen caves.

We Were Here Together is now available on Steam for PC at a price of $12.99 USD. The Xbox One release of We Were Here Together is planned for early 2020. For the latest information about We Were Here Together players can join the official Discord channel at or follow @WeWereHereGame on Twitter.

We Were Here Together – Official Release Trailer | Total Mayhem Games

Total Mayhem Games was founded in 2017 that originally started out as a 15 person team from the Dutch University of Applied Sciences. It was a perfect mix of art, design, and development students as the team’s first project We Were Here turned into a great success with over 1.5 million downloads and firmly established the We Were Here series.