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3 Minutes to Midnight Kickstarter Underway

Set in late 1940’s New Mexico, 3 Minutes to Midnight from indie developer Scarecrow Studio, is taking adventurers on a sci-fi mystery with their Kickstarter campaign.

The story of 3 Minutes to Midnight follows the events in a small New Mexico town. In the point-and-click graphic comedy adventure the town’s sleeping residents are roused from their beds when a sudden explosion blasts through the otherwise quiet night.

As everyone in town rises from their slumber they discover that their memories have been wiped. The town’s local high school troublemaker, Betty Anderson, is on the case to solve the mystery surrounding the lost memories, save the town, and possibly prevent a doomsday plot.

Filled with dazzling art where the backgrounds are painted in 8K resolution and converted to 4K, 3 Minutes to Midnight offers a large number of locations to explore. Most are panoramic letting the studio show off beautiful parallax effects allowing players even more to discover. Some of the environments are available during both day and night with gameplay situations changing depending upon the time of day.

There is a cast of over 50 colorful characters. Each has their won unique intriguing pasts and secret agendas. The game offers loads of laughs and mysterious mysteries to unravel. Complex puzzles with multiple solutions and contextual clues await players.

In addition, 3 Minutes to Midnight offers musical scoring from Guy Jones who is an award-winning composer for TV, video games, and film. Jones was tasked with creating great timeless themes that translates visual art into music. Each scene features seamless transitions for each track that prevents jarring audio cuts.

The game offers a minimum gameplay length of 12 hours with a claim of more endings than Mass Effect 3 as the developer says they counted. During the gameplay players might want to keep an eye out for cleverly hidden references to great works and pop culture. There is even one in the 3 Minutes to Midnight Official Reveal Trailer that will surely take viewers back to the future.

3 Minutes to Midnight is available on Steam to wishlist now with a planned release date in Spring 2020. The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 8, 2019. At the time of this article’s publishing $14,322 USD has been raised of the $54,819 USD goal. Major console ports are expected to follow the PC debut.

3 Minutes to Midnight – 4K Gameplay – Kickstarter 2019 | Scarecrow Studio

Scarecrow Studio (@scaringcrows Twitter) is an independent video game developer based in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 2016 the studio specializes in publishing and developing narrative games for all kinds of platforms. The team is passionate about creating point-and-click adventures games and developing original IPs with focus on rich plot, interesting characters, and high doses of humor.