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Lost Wing Closed Beta Begins Today

2Awesome Studio along with partner and developer BoxFrog Games announced Lost Wing is having a closed beta for their sci-fi speed ship shooter.

Players who are looking for a game about speed, guns, and points will be able to quench that thirst with Lost Wing. Procedurally generated tacks that present brutally challenging environments and mega bosses let those whose survive have a chance to top the leaderboards.

The world of Lost Wing presents itself in stunning neon visuals with a strong helping of sci-fi. If this neon shooter wasn’t enough the deep electronic soundtrack only helps to fuel the adrenaline rush of the intense speeds at which the game flows. When time seems to move too fast, players can opt to slow down time and get things done.

In the game, player’s reflexes are tested and challenged. Boosting, dodging, jumping, and surviving are all necessary if one wants to blast their way to the top of the leaderboards where one competes against all other players.

Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Wipeout and Thumper and added online leaderboard competition? That’s what we set out to do with Lost Wing.

Tim Ash, Director of BoxFrog Games

The game is being ported by 2Awesome Studio to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Lost Wing is now in closed beta for the next three days. Interested player’s can wishlist the game on Steam now. Player’s who wish to participate in the closed beta can join the Lost Wing Discord or register at Players who are participating in the closed beta can win prizes by sharing their gameplay on Twitter using the built-in feature on Lost Wing.

Lost Wing Announcement Trailer | 2Awesome Studio and BoxFrog Games

2Awesome Studio (@2AwesomeStudio Twitter) is a Dutch independent game development studio composed of David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago. Both originally from Barcelona, Spain meet in 2006 while working at the European Space Agency as engineers. In 2009 they teamed up to and started sharing their passion for video game development with 2Awesome Studio coming into existence in 2013. Since the studio’s start they have worked on several projects including Dimension Drive, Inferno 2, Back to Bed, and most recently Lost Wing.

BoxFrog Games (@BoxFrogGames Twitter) was founded in 2010 and has grown from a weekend hobby to a full-time effort. Since then, the Manchester, UK based BoxFrog Games has released arcade action titles to racing titles on both mobile and PC such Spectrum Shock and Perfectline. Currently BoxFrog Games is working on the final touches to Lost Wing.