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WARSAW Tactical WWII RPG Out on PC

From publisher Gaming Company and developer Pixelated Milk comes WARSAW, a tactical story-drive WWII RPG set during the Warsaw Uprising.

The launch of WARSAW on October 2 comes on the 75th anniversary of the conflict’s tragic conclusion. With the game’s launch a new trailer is available that focuses on the intense gameplay. Additionally the trailer highlights the real people at the heart of this powerful moment in Polish history.

In the game players take on the lead of the Polish underground resistance and their brave fight against the Nazi oppressors in control of the city in 1944. Players will need to recruit, develop, and manage their fighters as they are taken into turn-based battle through an immersive urban warfare experience inspired by real events.

From encountering patrols to aiding citizens players are challenged. Tough decisions lie ahead for players that will affect the resistance’s effort permanently. And players must remember that death is permanent for those lost in battle and impacts their loved ones and the morale of the resistance.

With WARSAW, we wanted to create a game that is both culturally significant and great to play, and we hope that we’ve delivered that. We took great care with our story and mechanics to provide the best possible experience for players and to ensure we do our history justice.

Gaming Company producer Krzysztof Paplinski

The game features stunning hand-drawn artwork and animation. Overall the game has a visual styling and look similar to Darkest Dungeon however set to the theme of World War II that is visible in both the trailer and screenshots.

WARSAW is now available for PC through Steam at a price of $23.99 USD. The game comes with English, French, German, Polish, and Russian localization. Console versions will arrive at a later date. For the latest information on WARSAW visit the game’s website at or follow @warsawthegame on Twitter.

WARSAW WWII Tactical RPG PC Launch Trailer | Gaming Company & Pixelated Milk

Pixelated Milk is a small video game developer based in Poland. The company was founded by a group of friends who have a shared passion in and for games. In addition this group thinks that video games as a medium can and should have a soul and they strive to create games that they themselves would enjoy playing. Previously the developer has released Regalia: of Men And Monarchs, a tactical RPG set in a fantasy world.

Gaming Company is a small publisher who is new to the scene and is based in the United Kingdom. Last year they published their first title, FPS Project Warlock. Staffed by experienced video game industry professionals the company seeks to help developers publish, market, and sell their games.