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Rebel Inc: Escalation Coming to PC in October

Ndemic Creations, the studio behind Plague Inc, is bringing their political military strategy simulation, Rebel Inc: Escalation, to PC on Steam early access in October.

The war is over or at least that is the official line. In Rebel Inc: Escalation players will deal with the fallout and stabilize a war-torn country. Through balancing competing military and civilian priorities one can win the hearts and minds of the people. Also, players need to stop a deadly insurgency from seizing power.

Taking from modern counter insurgency complexities and consequences, Rebel Inc: Escalation offers an engaging strategic challenge. The game itself has received acclaim from international development experts and featured at the Peace and Development conference at the Stockholm Forum.

Rebel Inc. lets everyone wrestle with the messy challenges of post-conflict recovery and better understand the complex realities of building peace.

World Bank Global Lead for Stability, Peace and Security

Rebel Inc was released on mobile devices in late 2018. The new PC version, Rebel Inc: Escalation, will continue with the original’s gameplay with all-new features including a campaign, multiplayer, steam workshop support, improved graphics, and more.

The full list of features includes 5 different regions with different strategic environments. There are six unique governors with different abilities to master. Featuring a hyper-realistic world inspired by Afghanistan the game contains real world development initiatives and innovative representation of counter insurgency tactics.

Intelligent civilian and military AIs with deadly insurgent attacks puts constant pressure on the player’s operation. All of this is set to a beautifully rendered 3D world that responds to a players actions and thrives as services and jobs are provided.

Rebel Inc: Escalation is set to hit early access on Steam in October. For the latest information on Rebel Inc: Escalation visit the game’s website. Rebel Inc is currently available for both Android and iOS.

Rebel Inc: Escalation Official Launch Trailer | Ndemic Creations

Ndemic Creations (@NdemicCreations Twitter) is an independent game studio dedicated to making intelligent, sophisticated, and ultra-high quality games. The studio is self-funded and is based in Bristol, UK. Found in 2012 by James Vaughan as a hobby the studio has seen over 130 million players with its first game Plague Inc.