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Repressed Narrative Puzzle Adventure on Steam

Out now on Steam, Repressed is indie developer Sigur Studio and accelerator ARP Games comes a narrative-driven puzzle adventure game. In Repressed, players play as a solo shadow representation and embark on a journey inside the mind.

Being a shadow completely changes the dynamic of the game. Shadows need light in order to exist. Darkness, the absence of light, is its worst enemy.Through changing the angle of the light or the camera’s position may reveal new paths, puzzles, and even scraps of memory.

Collecting these scraps allows a player to revisit the dark past that is haunting them and which brought them to the beginning of the story. Over time as players navigate the maze that is memory they may find answers to the questions that have bothered them for ages. However, players should be careful as not all memories are worth revisiting.

The game of Repressed features a unique noir aesthetic with unusual graphics designed to keep players immersed in the remarkable. At the same players can keep their on exploring memories. Real art helped to inspire the developers such as an Etruscan sculpture, Ombra Della Sera, and artists like Adolphe Appia, Josef Svoboda, Yannis Kokkos, Frank Miller, and James Turrell to help bring the game world of Repressed to life.

Repressed is now available on Steam for PC at a price of $9.99 USD. The latest information about Repressed can be found on the game’s website at

Repressed – World Premiere Trailer | Sigur Studio

Sigur Studio (@SigurStudio Twitter) is a small independent game developer based in Poland. The studio was founded by a group of friends to develop indie games and are looking for inspiration art and real stories to help develop innovative games.

ARP Games was established by the Polish Industrial Development Agency and is a video games accelerator that supports developers in the production process. Support includes both financial and organizational help along with events that promote the Polish video game industry.