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Atomicrops Roguelite Farm Simulator Early Access

Atomicrops is a new action-packed roguelite with a farm simulator that has sprouted into Early Access today. Created by Bird Bath Games and published by Raw Fury, Atomicrops can be summed up in three words; farm, marry, kill.

The story follows the player who happens to inherit their deceased uncle’s farm. This also happens to be the precise moment a nuclear apocalypse lays waste to much of humanity. Now the farm has became the players point of survival where they must grow crops of GMO fruits and vegetables.

Crops will need to be planted and maintained through fertilizer and water. In addition they will need to be defended against mutated vermin and other pests who come out each night trying to devour the valuable food source.

Areas that surround the farm are ready for exploration. Players will find items, seeds, and farm animals that will help their crops grow. Finding a partner and getting married will give an extra set of hands to help tend crops or blast enemies apart.

With the game being in early access there are plans to expand and add more which includes new partners to marry, more items, and additional enemies. A roadmap is being developed that will show some of the things coming during the early access phase. Along the way the developers welcome community feedback.

Atomicrops is now available in Early Access as an Epic Games store exclusive. The regular price is $14.99 USD. Starting with the launch day the game is 50% off and each day that discount will drop 10% until the game is at its regular price. For the latest information on Atomicrops visit the game’s website at or @Atomicrops on Twitter.

Atomicrops Early Access Trailer | Raw Fury and Bird Bath Games

Raw Fury (@RawFury Twitter) is a game publisher that is a passion project. They are a privately funded and fiercely independent. The publisher puts more emphasis on games and less on industry by building long-term partnerships with developers where both sides feel they are equals and in this together.