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Rogue Heist Co-op Action Hits Early Access

Co-op thievery takes center stage in Rogue Heist Early Access from indie developer Lifelike Studios as a free-to-play title.

Rogue Heist is 6v6 co-op online action for those who like to steal. Crews of six form up before entering battle against another crew. The ultimate goal is break into an ambushed convoy’s safe and steal as much high-value loot as possible. At the same time players need to defend their recently acquired goods from the enemy.

Players can choose from four roles that include Sniper, Assault, Support, and Hacker. The Sniper is the captain of the team where they lead the ambush, watch for the enemy team, and communicating enemy movement with the team on the ground.

When pulling off a high-tech heist a Hacker is needed. The Hacker brings in the tech to get the loot. Assault does all the heavy lifting or in the case of an ambush they shoot the opponents that dare come towards their team. Last is the Support. Anyone picking up this role has access to special weaponry to make sure the heist goes down smooth and easy.

Experience gains are based on player performance as well as the rating from their heist. The share of the package is also based on match performance.

There are multiple game with more to come in the future. In addition to the Heist mode there is the Run N Gun deathmatch. And if that is not enough a Gang War deathmatch is included as well for all out team warfare.

Running and gunning is a critical part of securing the package. But strategic combat and awareness are needed to hack in and get the loot with each role playing a crucial part.

Rogue Heist shoots its way into Early Access on Steam as a free-to-play game that is now available for Windows PC with console release at a later date. The latest information about Rogue Heist can be found on the game’s website at or @PlayRogueHeist on Twitter.

Rogue Heist Closed Beta Trailer | Lifelike Studios

Lifelike Studios (@Lifelike_Studio Twitter) is an indie game development studio based out of Mumbai, India. They have a passion for creating games that are engaging, visually stunning, and fun. Rogue Heist is the studio’s first game with a team of 15 people that have spent 16 months working on the project.