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Bee Simulator Unveils New Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video for Bee Simulator from VARSAV Game Studios lets viewers see the world through the eyes of a bee.

Set in a world inspired by New York’s own Central Park, players become a pollinator bee. Their home is set up with the rest of the colony in one of the park’s trees. Life is turned upside down when humans cut down the tree and the hive’s fate is thrown into the little bee’s hands.

Multiple game modes are available to let family and friends have a fun experience where they can work together or play competitively. The open world features a realistic environment.

A new co-op gameplay video shows off the split-screen adventures of pollinator bees. Video is seen that shows the bees as they exit the hive, collect pollen, travel through a human market, fight against other insects, and even pop a balloon.

During the development and production process, the studio work with beekeepers. Players can learn while having fun as suggestions and information is shared through gameplay. Information about the means of communication, collecting pollen, and defending the hive against threats of other insects and disease are all a part of the process.

Bee Simulator is scheduled to launch November 14, 2019 on Steam for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The latest information can be found on the game’s website at or @BeeSimulator on Twitter.

Bee Simulator Co-op Gameplay Trailer | VARSAV Game Studios and Bigben

VARSAV Game Studios (@VarsavGame Twitter) previously known as Varsav VR SA is a studio that concentrates its activities on game and application development while also connecting external development teams to the company. In April 2017 production started on Bee Simulator.

Bigben Interactive (@bigbeninteract Twitter) is a publisher of games on both PC and consoles. The publisher is known for their creativity and innovation. With the acquisition of four development studios (Cyanide, Eko, KT Racing and Spiders) with different genre expertise Bigben looks to strengthen its position as a developer and publisher of premium games.