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Pile Up 3D Co-Op Platformer Coming Soon

Indie development studio Seed by Seed has announced their first title Pile Up a 3D co-op platformer is coming soon. With the announcement also comes the Steam page for the game, some new screenshots, and an Official First Trailer.

Pile Up features 1 to 4 player co-op cardboard box non-violent gameplay for family and friends. Together players will jump around and share an adventure in this 3D platformer world. Players can easily drop in and drop out at any time thanks to dynamic challenge rescaling.

Piling is at the core of the game. It is a simple yet very deep mechanic where cooperation and communication is at the heart of the game as players find ways to build wacky piles to achieve a common goal.

There are three worlds to explore full of secrets to be discovered. In addition there are six crazy mini-games and their variations to spice up things. Players can unlock 8 skins for their box character along with many toys and other custom options.

Art direction in the game entirely revolves around cardboard from textures to sound design.

Pile Up has yet to finalize a release date. The game’s Steam page is now active and interested players can now wishlist Pile Up. The latest information can be found on the Pile Up game website at or on Twitter @PileUpGame.

Pile Up! Official First Trailer | Seed by Seed

Seed by Seed is an independent game development studio based in France. The studio was founded in October 2017 that was created to bring the co-op game Pile Up to life. Pile Up began as a student project.