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Shadows and Dust Announcement

From the creator of Mars Underground, comes an announcement of something just as strange and even a bit unnerving with Shadows and Dust.

Moloch Media, the developer of Shadows and Dust, have given very few details about the new game. The game is described as a narrative about regret that combines text-based scenes with short bouts of first person exploration. It must be noted that some choices can’t be taken back.

On the game’s Steam page Shadows and Dust has the quote “In that sleep of death what dreams may come.” In addition the game is described as a ghost story with a dim view, a dark room, and someone else is here.

From the trailer viewers are able to here the eerie use of sounds and music. Additionally there is a bleak and empty room lacking an individuals personal touch. In the dark scene, slowly an outline of a figure and two eyes barely emerge from empty abyss. The use of static background noise only helps to amplify the creepiness.

A note of content warning for Shadows and Dust as it deals with serious themes that include depression, mental illness, and suicide. The game is a deeply personal experience based on the author’s own nightmares.

Shadows and Dust currently does not have a set release date. The game will be available on Steam and interested players can add the game to their wishlist now. Shadows and Dust was created with Ink, WWISE, and Unity 3D.

Shadows and Dust Trailer | Moloch Media

Moloch Media (@MolochMedia Twitter) is based in Australia and was founded in 2015. Their first title release, Mars Underground was designed, developed, and programmed by Matt Sanderson. Mars Underground was an official selection in the PAX AUS Indie Showcase 2018, won the 2016 Strasbourg Indie Game Contest Octopix for the Best Independent Video Game, and nominated for several awards at Freeplay 2019.