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Randy’s Camera Kickstarter – 2D Puzzle Platformer

Solo indie developer Pink Studios has launched their Randy’s Camera Kickstarter campaign for the unique 2D puzzle platformer.

Randy’s Camera follows a simple premise, solve puzzles using his camera and its different modes to interact with different elements of the environment. The main idea is to make players feel the same as a photographer would feel trying to get the perfect shot. Additionally, each photo taken drains the camera’s battery so players will need to think about their moves.

This game has a great potential to stand out from other puzzle games due to its innovative mechanics inspired by photography and its challenging levels.

Daniel Almenara, Pinky Studios

The story at the center of the game revolves around Randy, an enthusiastic photographer, who wants to show everyone he is ready to become a professional. For Randy to prove his ability, he journeys through Bokehland in a search for the Golden Camera. This camera is a sacred camera which according to Randy’s grandfather could turn anyone into a professional.

Small cutscenes are used to help present the story. Their illustrations are being provided by Gaby Yoyo who is also doing some of the game’s promotional art. Music in game is being produced by Cleyton Kauffman.

Gameplay will feature different puzzles inspired by photography mechanics. There are 50 plus level divided into five different worlds. Each world contains unique aesthetics and mechanics. All of this is set to a colorful palette of pixel art graphics.

Currently the game is slated for Windows PC through Steam, Android, and DRM Free on and Gamejolt. Stretch goals at €15,000 or about $17,000 USD and €20,000 or about $22,500 USD brings iPhone, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch ports. Randy’s Camera will provide both English and Spanish language support.

The game features a demo and a demo trailer both available from links on the Kickstarter campaign page. At about 35% completion in the development process the game has all of the core systems in place with localization in English and Spanish. Current list of things left to do include improving and polishing visuals, add additional mechanics, and creating the layouts of the various levels.

Randy’s Camera has a planned release date for Q2 2020. If the Switch goal is reached this port will occur some time after the initial release. The Kickstarter campaign runs until 10:17 AM PDT, Thursday, August 29, 2019. Interested players can stay up to date on the game by visiting the game’s website at

Randy’s Camera Demo Trailer | Pinky Studios

Pinky Studios (@pinky_studios Twitter) is a solo indie developer based out of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. The studio was created by graphic designer and photographer Daniel Almenara who has over six years of Unity3D experience. His girlfriend, Gaby Yoyo is assisting Randy’s Camera development by providing illustrations and promotional art.