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Room 208 Puzzle Horror Game Release Date

Deceptive Games have set a release date for Room 208, their upcoming first-person puzzle horror game.

Set in the small quiet town of Fleetwood Vale, the game’s story takes players to The Green Leaf Hotel. It is an old historic building that has a history that is embedded into the minds of the locals. With a proud heritage the building is cursed by some unknown evil responsible for numerous strange deaths.

With little recourse and clear desperation the hotel’s manager contacts the spiritual medium Victor Rockford. He is asked to bring his otherworldly abilities to the hotel and investigate the happenings. If Victor knew what awaited him in Room 208, he might have never came.

Designed to be a complete thrilling horror experience, Room 208 features the ability to transverse dimensions. This allows the player to interact with a variety of different alternate worlds. Players are asked to test their wits with Room 208’s puzzle designs while keeping up their guard for the evil that is hunting them down. Evil must be evaded as the player’s life depends upon it.

The game features an atmospheric environment that immerses the player in the psychological experience. An intense and immersive sound design further enhances the experience. In addition there are random encounters and smart AI types along with full voice acting. There is also full 4K support with volumetric lighting.

Room 208 will be released on August 8, 2019 for Windows PC on Steam and other digital retailers.

Room 2008 – Indie Horror Game Official Trailer #1 – Deceptive Games

Deceptive Games Ltd. (@Deceptive_Games Twitter) is based outs of Wales in the UK. Their mission combines years of experience to create original video games to entertain the world. The company develops and publishes video games for all platforms and a wide variety of genres that includes horror, adventure, puzzle, and action games.