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Super Buckyball Tournament Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Pathea Games, the studio behind My Time at Portia, has been hard at work on another project, Super Buckyball Tournament and now has some pre-Alpha gameplay details they can share.

Billed as an ability-based 3v3 online multiplayer sports game, Super Buckyball Tournament is aiming to beat out the competition. Differentiating itself form other sports games, Super Buckyball Tournament offers full physics-based ball movement and passing.

Players will find themselves in a cyberpunk world where they get to pick one of several dynamic characters. Working together as a team, and making good use of their chosen character’s abilities and in-game items are necessary to prevent their opponents from scoring while creating opportunities for their own team to score.

Current alpha gameplay consists of three playable characters Pai, Pink, and R47. Each hero has a unique power to pass, score, or attack the opposing team’s players. By the time the game hits Early Access on Steam the developers are aiming to have at least eight characters and three stadiums.

As seen in the early alpha gameplay video, R47 is seen as a bulky and buff robot making this character a great defender or near midfield character. Pai is a lightning fast and energetic boy character that is not only fast, but incredibly agile. Pink is a girl character that utilizes energy to perform some of her moves and can hit the ball without physically touching it.

Super Buckyball Tournament is set to launch its first Alpha test in August. Early Access on Steam is slated for late 2019. The Steam page for Super Buckyball Tournament is now live and players can add the game to their wishlist.

Players are encouraged to follow the game on Twitter @SuperBuckyBall or join the Super Buckyball Tournament Discord for the latest information. The game’s website is located at

Super Buckyball Tournament Early Alpha Gameplay | Pathea Games

Pathea Games (@PatheaGames Twitter) was founded in 2012 in Chongqing, China and Memphis, TN, USA. The studio has successfully developed two other titles, Planet Explorers and My Time at Portia. They are working on titles for PC, console, and mobile platforms.