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Project Zero Deaths Out on Steam, iOS and Android

A new free-to-play physics based platform shooter, Project Zero Deaths, that is filled with fast-paced action is out now on Steam, iOS and Android.

From Lithuanian based UAB Detis comes a hectic multiplayer online platform shooter where players, either solo or with friends, fight frantic battles on dynamic maps with wild game modes. Seven different character options are available from which a player will choose. Each has their own unique skills and can be upgraded along with character customization that includes their fighting gear.

The game features a widely varied armory from which players can pick their weapon. Explosive spears, plasma guns, and even a black hole launcher are a small selection of the crazy weapons available. Weapons are customizable and can be upgraded to increase their destructive potential.

Many different team versus team game modes are available including many classics such capture the flag or the traditional payload delivery. One game mode to note is the frantic ring collecting. Players will try to hoard rings they have collected and fight to protect their treasure in Harvest mode. Another included mode is the classic Bombing Run mode where players will plant a bomb in the enemy base.

Each game mode has their own unique map set with a total of 30 maps available that includes destructible environments and physics-based traps. As Project Zero Deaths receives regular updates with new content such as characters, weapons, maps, and game modes, the game should always have something new waiting for players.

Project Zero Deaths is currently free-to-play and available on Steam, iOS and Android. For more information visit

Project Zero Deaths Trailer | UAB Detis