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Triton Survival Futuristic Shooter in Early Access

Indie development studio DreamsSoftGames has launched their futuristic shooter, Triton Survival, into Early Access on Steam today.

Self-described as a sci-fi themed 3D action shoot ’em up game also puts a focus on survival, crafting, base building, and resource gathering. This all happens while blasting waves of hostile creatures, some even come with guns strapped to their backs.

Triton Survival is our most ambitious project so far. Fans of survival games will find a big challenge with our new game.

Luis de la Cruz, CEO at DreamsSoftGames

Triton Survival features a basic survival system. The crafting system allows for the decomposition and combination of chemical elements to build various resources. An assortment of various resources can be gathered, mined, farmed and harvested on the planet such as wood, stone, minerals, gases, vegetables, and trees. For the heavier resources transport drones guided by satellites will lend a hand.

Triton Survival Steam Early Access Launch Trailer

The building system features destructible and repairable parts. Players will be constructing their base around the interstellar portal. Energy generators that are powered from various resources along with a wiring system provide electricity to several different base elements. So when a wave of the enemy alien horde attacks, that power will be put to good use with proximity sensors, defensive systems, and automatic turrets.

A day and night cycle with weather and clouds provide constantly changing battlefield conditions. As players gain experience they can advance through a character skill tree.

Currently solo mode is available in the Early Access phase. In the future an up to 4 player cooperative mode will be added.

Other future plans include interplanetary travel through the Triton Portal in the satellite system of the planet Neptune. Procedurally generated bases for enemies and new resources will be found on these new worlds.

Hunting and raising creature to gather their resources is a planned future feature. In addition the developers want to expand the flora, fauna, crafting resources, building structures, weapons, enemies, and add vehicles and mounts.

The Early Access phase is currently planned to last around 12 months with the full version of the game being more balanced. Triton Survival can be found on Steam as an Early Access game for $14.99 USD. A special promotion runs until July 9, 2019 for $13.49 USD.

DreamsSoftGames (@dreamssoftgames Twitter) is based out of Barcelona, Spain. Founded in the late summer of 2000, DreamsSoftGames develops games for PC and mobile with Triton Survival being the studio’s seventh big title.