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PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker Out Now

From developer Super Icon and publisher PQube comes a world of endless potential when players, designers unleash their creativity in PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker.

This game maker comes with all the tools one needs to start designing with no coding required. Everything is drag and drop. With the ease of use PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker is accessible to all ages and is a great resource for those looking to give designing a 2D platform game a try. There are thousands of customization options and filters from gaming history and retro themes like Amiga, SNES, Game Boy, Commodore 64, and many more.

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker Launch Trailer

Additionally the game maker features dozens of different styles of tiles, doors, platforms, and more in multiple shapes. A diverse set of backgrounds along with lots of scary, funny, and crazy enemies will allow for the creation of almost any setting imagined. Certain elements such as gravity and the speed of hazards or bullets are customizable. Item effects, key and door mechanics, checkpoints, NPCs and dialogues, and more await for those looking to create their vision of the perfect platformer.

An always expanding library of community created content is featured in the game maker. The full version comes with the creations from the Steam Early Access Community Contest winners along with additional online content. Designers can create and add their designs and additions to a permanently increasing selection of worlds, levels, and complete games all of which are downloadable for free.

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker is now available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch at a price of $19.99 USD.

Super Icon (@SuperIconLtd Twitter) is an independent mult-platform game development studio based near a beach in St. Ives, Cornwall, UK. Their aim is to make great games and have an extensive back catalog of games dating back to 2003.

PQube (@PQubeGames Twitter) is a UK publisher, distributor, and service provider for the interactive entertainment industry with a global reach with offices in the UK, France, USA, and Hong Kong. They are a licenses publisher with Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Nintendo, and Apple. PQube also has a hardware division that designs, manufactures, and distributes officially licensed consoles and accessories that includes the brand new Atari Retro range.