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Rune II Coming Summer 2019

Human Head Studios is ready to unleash some viking action in its upcoming RPG title with the Rune II launch in the Summer of 2019.

Formerly Rune: Ragnarok, Rune II is filled with brutal chaos across Midgard. A wide range of dangerous vicious beasts and monsters blanket the landscape in these dark times.

As a chosen savior of Midgard, players will kneel atop the Divine Summit receiving a blessing and powerful abilities from a god of their choosing in the bid to end Ragnarok. From there it is a race against time as they fight to prevent to smart and cunning Loki from destroying Midgard and letting chaos prevail.

Rune II Trailer Ages of Darkness | Human Head Studios

Rune II was inspired by the original Rune from the year 2000. Now nearly two decades later players will once more be able to rip off an enemies arm and use it to kill additional foes. More details about the game with specifics on story, the bad guys, quests, and other items players will discover can be seen on May 24, 2019 at 1PM PST on the Human Head Twitch stream at

We’ve spent the last few years building a story-driven brutal Viking experience and evolving it with the help of our fan base. Players return to Midgard with a sense of familiarity, but with new mechanics such as god-given abilities, open world events, crafting, a full single/co-op campaign, along with UE4 enhanced visuals, making it a true sequel to the original.

Chris Rhinehart, Human Head Studios Co-founder and CEO

Key features on Rune II allow players to choose their god, customization of their male or female warrior, and open world exploration that includes building a viking longship to aid players in their quest. As players battle against the chaos unleashed across Midgard they will be racing against the Ragnarok Timer that Loki has been manipulating through resets creating an infinite cycle of chaos. Each reset brings a new era filled with different obstacles, perpetual night, harsh landscapes, and so much more.

Rune II will be ready to launch in the Summer of 2019 on the Epic Games store for Windows PC. More information can be found on the game’s website at or on the Rune II official Discord.

Human Head Studios (@humanheadgames Twitter) is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The independent studio has more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing commercial games and is best known for their critically acclaimed titles Rune and Prey. Development by Rune II is being funded by ESDF Management, a video game production and finance company.