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Cities: Skylines Campus Expansion In Session

Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order have released the latest installment into the Cities: Skylines franchise with the Cities: Skylines Campus expansion.

The previously announced expansion adds several academic related features. Players are able to design their new higher learning campuses around three area types: Trade School, Liberal Arts College, and University. New buildings are unlocked by increasing the reputation of the school by attracting new students and creating academic works.

With college comes college sports. In the case for Cities players have Var-City sports with football, basketball, baseball, track & field, and swimming. Each sport also has their own sports arena. Teams are customizable with unique jerseys, cheerleaders, and coaches. Players will want to sell tickets and gain prizes for winning matches.

City management features seven new policies to help accommodate higher learning that includes book fairs and for-profit education. Academic work can be sponsored through research grants and supporting the staff. All these academic achievements can then be displayed in Museums. When the citizens are have completed their education celebrate with graduation ceremonies.

Additional features of the Cities: Skylines Campus expansion include five new maps and three new Chirper hats.

Released today are two new radio stations Deep Focus Radio and Campus Rock Radio. Each station features 16 new unique tracks are available as separate DLC for $3.99 USD each. The Content Creator Pack – University City is also available as a separate DLC for $4.99 USD that adds several new building styles to give a city that college town look and feel.

A free update to Cities: Skylines has also been released. In this update players will receive two new library buildings, a new yellow school bus, job titles in the citizen info panel, and new industry policies.

The Cities: Skylines Campus expansion is available today for $12.99 USD on Steam. The campus expansion, Content Creator Pack – University City, Campus Rock Radio, and Deep Focus Radio are all available in the Cities: Skylines Campus Plus Edition Bundle for $19.98 USD. The campus expansion DLC requires Cities: Skylines in order to play.

Cities: Skylines Campus Release Trailer | Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order

Paradox Interactive (@PdxInteractive Twitter) is a leading global publisher of strategy games for PC and console. The company has a game catalog dating back to 1999. Their head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.