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Reventure Leaves Early Access in June

Pixelatto is ready to have their retro 2D puzzle platformer adventure title Reventure leave Early Access on Steam in early June 2019.

Reventure features a unique and innovative approach with nonlinear mechanics in a choose your own adventure styled platformer. The game starts with the classic premise of players taking on the role of the hero where the princess is in danger and must be saved. From there the story gets complicated fast and diverges into something completely different.

Reventure Release Trailer | Pixelatto

Gameplay itself takes place in short-live runs where the goal is clear, but various obstacles in the forms of buttons, traps, treasure, or enemies makes the hero deviate from their path. A new situation arises and by the end the player is left wondering what if they had chosen a different path or option. That then drives the next goal.

The first few runs are all about exploration which is a core component. When the area becomes familiar it becomes easier for players to want to achieve every possible ending. As the late game approaches the game transitions into more of a puzzle platformer where each step must be planned in order to discover the more exotic endings. There are 100 different nonlinear endings.

Characters can die, but a new one will take over and the story progresses. The dynamic story presents itself in a world that stays the same only the player changing in Groundhog Day fashion where it loops.

Some additional features include Twitch integration that enables users on a streamer’s chat to take control of the hero’s dialogs. The original soundtrack features over 15 themes.

Reventure is currently in Early Access on Steam and receiving its finishing touches. The official launch where Reventure leaves Early Access is set for June 4, 2019 on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $7.99 USD. A 20% discount will be available during the first week of release.

Pixelatto (@Pixelatto Twitter) is an indie game development studio based out of Málaga, Spain. Reventure is the studio’s first commercial title.