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Goblin and Coins II Official Announcement

A sequel follow-up to the original 2016 indie hit Goblin and Coin is now official with the Goblin and Coins II announcement.

Keeping in line with the original title, this successor lays out a new adventure. Once again the little goblin explores the world, collects coins, and faces enemies both old and new in this 2D platformer.

The story is set many years if not decades since players last saw the little goblin. Since then the little goblin has moved on and the great coin trouble has became nothing more than a mere distant memory.

Goblins and Coins II Teaser Trailer

In the teaser trailer that came with today’s announcement many several new or updated features are highlighted. First off are the improved graphics. When compared to the first game, Goblin and Coins II does see a significant update in the quality of graphics with a smoother more detailed look while keeping the pixel art styling.

Game mechanics have been extended. Again comparing the the trailer video to the original title movement as in walking or running appears to be smoother as well. Jumping looks so much cleaner and there is even a great jump and roll teaser at the end. One additional thing to note is that the bird on the lamppost seemed to react to the little goblin and fly away adding more depth to the world environment.

Players will be allowed to revisit levels. The puzzles are simple and the storyline itself is weird along with even weirder enemies.

Goblin and Coins II release date has yet been announced, however interested players can add the game to their Steam wishlist now. For more information visit the games website at

Goblin and Coins II along with Goblin and Coins were both created by solo developer Nikola Bulj. He is an indie game developer based in Sombor, Serbia. Game development progress can be followed on the Goblin and Coins twitter @Goblinsncoins.