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Jupiter & Mars Launch Earth Day Ocean Experience

Eco-focused game studio Tigertron, brings an Earth Day launch and underwater adventure with their latest title Jupiter & Mars. The PS4 and PSVR enabled game has released April 22, 2019 for North America to coincide with Earth Day with European and Asian releases following on April 23.

Two bottlenose dolphins, names Jupiter and Mars, are followed along with their exploits in a post-mankind world. Their story unfolds as they try to shut down still-active machines of mankind at the request of an ancient race of whales known as The Elders. These machines are damaging the ocean that has claimed large chunks of land and former coastal cities.

This post-mankind futuristic video game is the brainchild of game designer James Mielke. As an industry veteran, Mielke, has worked on past projects that include Child of Eden and Lumines Electronic Symphony.

This game represents a real labor of love for myself and the entire team, so it’s incredibly rewarding to finally be able to share these dolphins with players. While it’s playable in bothVR and without, experiencing Jupiter & Mars in virtual reality is really somet hing special. We set out to do something different with the video game medium; to stimulate discussion and share a positive message. As it is said in the game, ‘There is always a tomorrow, and with every tomorrow there is always hope.’

James Mielke, Tigertron’s Creative Director
Jupiter & Mars Launch Trailer PS4 and PSVR

Jupiter & Mars takes players on a beautifully breathtaking and unforgettable journey through the ocean landscape. As players shut down the remnants of mankind’s legacy and restore ocean life they will also be solving puzzles, hunting for treasure, and meet legendary sea creatures. All of this takes place in Earth’s oceans that have risen with sea level rise and engulfed many of the Earth’s greatest cities.

Inspired by some of our favorite games of the past, we’ve attempted to create an experience that’s incredibly fun yet poignant.Jupiter & Mars is a true love letter to the oceans that players everywhere can now experience.

Sam Kennedy, Executive Producer at Tigertron

The game was in development for two years in partnership with creators in New York, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Lisbon, London, and Tokyo. Jupiter & Mars is a collaboration that has brought world-renowned environmental groups such as SeaLegacy and The Ocean Foundation to the world of video games. These groups have provided unlockable content for players to view and learn more about the issues the oceans face. Tigertron has also committed to donating a part of proceeds from Jupiter & Mars to ocean causes.

Jupiter & Mars is available for the PS4 with PSVR enabled content for $24.99 USD in North America on Earth Day, April 22, 2019. European and Asian releases will follow on April 23, 2019.

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Tigertron (@TigertronNYC Twitter) is an game development studio based in New York City and was founded in 2015. The studio has environmental ethos with the aim of developing games inspired by real-world challenges of today to creature the future worlds of tomorrow.