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Fantasy Heroes Retro RPG Out Now

Publisher Aldorlea Games, known for their retro role-playing games, is out now with a new 2D RPG title Fantasy Heroes Dawn of Zaromur. Developed by Lumen, the developers behind Luminescence, brings the studio’s second title.

Like so many classic 16-bit role-playing games of the past, Fantasy Heroes is an adventure filled journey with a knight, a friend, and a world threatening conflict. Fantasy Heroes is stylized in the classic RPG look and feel with narrative story screens with dialogue and common world map travel with a players party.

Players will follow the story of Tristan, a knight of the kingdom of Kayzerhart and his friend Melanie. Both fall into a massive conflict that threatens the entire world. The internal conflict Tristan faces is examined as he copes with his knightly duties while dealing with the impending threat.

Follow the journey and the story as Tristan meets new people and learn who will become a friend and who will become a foe.

Fantasy Heroes Dawn of Zaromur is available to purchase on the game’s webpage on the Aldorlea Games website at

Aldorlea Games was founded in 2008. They specialize in publishing 2D retro RPGs and has several hit titles in the genre such as The Book of Legends, Laxius Force, 3 Stars of Destiny, Dreamscape, Undefeated, Moonchild, Girlfriend Rescue, Witch Hunt and its most popular series Millennium, currently with 5 episodes.