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Fight Fires with Embr First Trailer

The first trailer to Muse Game’s upcoming Embr fire fighting game simulation is now out. Coming to Steam Early Access later this year Embr is self-described as a frantic new firefighting co-op (un)simulator.

Players looking to escape the daily grind and looking for the chance of a lifetime can join the emergency services revolution by becoming an Embr Respondr. Set in a hyper-capitalistic world or pure deregulation public funding for services have been depleted. That is where Embr Respondr’s come in and save the day.

There are two play modes, solo and online co-op that supports up to four players. As an Embr Respondr players get to break down doors, fix electrical circuits, clear gas leaks, save clients, protect valuables, and get paid assuming that they didn’t die in the fire. Earned cash can be used to lease better equipment and vehicles from Embr. Remember the bigger the job, the bigger the paycheck.

A score is kept so the more that is saved, with both lives and possessions, the higher score.

The game comes off as a fun and a bit comedic in the trailer. However, the underlying premise of the game hits hard in the corporate dystopia concept. This does leave the door open as well for Muse Games to expand upon this idea for other public service sector jobs. The next idea that Muse Games might opt to explore would be police service. Maybe they can call it Enforcr.

Embr will be setting Steam Early Access ablaze later this year.

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Muse Games (@MuseGames Twitter) is an independent New York City based game development studio that is focused on co-op gameplay and AI. Their original game, Guns of Icarus, was released in 2010. The studio was a very early adopter of Unity and makes all of their games in Unity.