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Retro Platformer Haxor Approaches Launch Date

Climou, the two-person studio behind the retro action platformer Haxor, after a brief delay, has set an April 12 launch date. Inspired by the greatest hits of both the 80s and 90s, Haxor creates an old-school 2D action vibe worthy of its predecessors.

Original pixel art graphics with 16×16 pixel sprites illuminate the world of Haxor. Ambient flat 8-bit chiptune music adds to the experience creating gameplay vibe that one would only find on a classic system such as a Commodore 64.

Players assume the role of Kla who is a member of a research expedition. The purpose was to retrieve an energy source that could save Kla’s ancient race. Kla is the only survivor after her ship was sent straight into a black hole. Also, she lost her memory from the event and this is only the beginning.

A fast-paced dynamic gameplay experience is at the core of the game. Action awaits players as they take Kla through four mysterious environments. Search for hidden secrets, collecting special items, and beating down deadly threats are all a part of the adventure. A vast array of enemies foes are spread throughout each stage with a challenging boss at the end. All of this happens while Kla is learning to develop her special abilities.

Development started over 5 years ago. At first, it was just a contest entry on an internet forum. Since then the game has been through an incredible evolution, it’s completely different from the initial build. We were inspired by independent creators such as Derek Yu, known for his Spelunky, or Konjak, the developer of Iconoclasts. I like to search for unique gaming concepts and try them out for inspiration, but I never copy them

Karol Pikor, Developer at Climou

Haxor will be available April 12, 2019 on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $6.99 USD. The minimum system requirements include 2.0 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with at least 256 MB video memory, and 100 MB of hard drive space. Haxor is also Microsoft Xbox One Controller compatible.

Climou is a two person studio based out of Warsaw, Poland. The studio wants to infuse the indie gaming scene with a jolt of Eastern-European retro-styled gameplay.

Fat Dog Games (@FatDogGames Twitter) is the publisher of Haxor. Based in Warsaw, Poland the publisher helps small indie developers get their names out to the public. The publisher has helped launch several titles including Dream Alone, Exorder, and Apparition.

Haxor First Gameplay Video