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Satisfactory Available in Early Access

Coffee Stain Studios, the studio that gave gamers the instant classic with Goat Simulator, has launched Satisfactory into Early Access. With the closed alpha ongoing since October 2018, Satisfactory is now available as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Along with today’s Early Access release comes a live development roadmap. Heaps of content has been laid out for the coming months. During the first few weeks of Early Access the focus is on fixing crashes, the most annoying bugs, and various quality of life improvements.

By the end of April quartz and sulfur research chains along with conveyor lifts. The end of May hopes to bring Tier 7 or nuclear and aluminium, trains, and an overhaul of late game areas. Further down the road work includes core gameplay and systems improvements, the rest of the FICSIT Milestones and Tech unlocks, additional buildings, parts, vehicles and creatures, and a complete narrative. Dedicated servers, more optimization, and mod support is also on the list.

Satisfactory is an open-world factory building game for 1-4 players. The game also includes a small bit of exploration and combat. Players act as employees of FICSIT Inc. who are enterprising space pioneers. Their task is to chart and explore a diverse alien planet in order to build and automate complex factories. The purpose for these factories however remains unclear. On top of this players need to defend themselves against hostile alien life and advance research to improve their buildings.

There are three different biomes at Early Access launch. The world is handcraft at a vast 30 kilometers squared. Six tiers of milestones unlock machines, resources, and equipment. Vehicles with automation capabilities are available as well.

Satisfactory offers immense creative freedom for players. Working with the community during the alpha and seeing their amazing and bizarre factories has been an awesome and constantly surprising experience. The game is far from perfect but we have huge plans moving forward and we’re excited to invite players to exploit this beautiful alien planet with us and shape the future of irresponsible space construction!

Oscar Jilsén, Game Director at Coffee Stain Studios

Satisfactory is available now exclusively on the Epic Games Store for $29.95 USD. More information along with the development roadmap can be found at

Coffee Stain Studios (@Coffee_Stain Twitter) is made up of three teams: Coffee Stain Studios, Coffee Stain North, and Coffee Stain Publishing. Coffee Studios was founded in 2010 and is located in Skövde, Sweden. Coffee Stain North was founded in 2013 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Coffee Stain Publishing started in 2017 and is also working to publish games from other developers.