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El Taco Diablo Intense Shooter Invades Steam

The very intense standstill arena shooter, El Taco Diablo, is invading Steam with the game’s official launch for Windows PC.

Inspired by Devil Daggers and featuring 8 unique enemies in the form of small tacos to big bosses El Diablo Taco offers players a simplistic, but very difficult arena shooter. Each enemy type has different abilities and requires different tactics to defeat.

There are three weapons where understanding each weapon’s strength and weakness is critical. This game will challenge players to improve their aim. El Diablo Taco makes a great warm up game before jumping into other shooter games or a way to practice and improve one’s aim.

Players can compete with each other through a global leaderboard. For those who think the game is too east there is a set of hidden achievements. Good luck getting them done.

The ultimate goal of El Taco Diablo is to just survive as long as possible. Most don’t make it past 150 seconds. But that is just a reason to start another round and get better.

El Taco Diablo is available on Steam for $8.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until March 17, 2019 for $7.64 USD.

Manne Cederskoog (@MrPotatostealer Twitter) is the independent game developer behind El Taco Diablo. Previously he worked on bigger titles such as Eastshade, A Way Out and theHunter: Call of the Wild. El Taco Diablo is his first solo project where while working on the game he traveled Southeast Asia and is a taco loving Swedish Viking.