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Lonely Adventure A Space Game Announced

Ingraw Games have announced the upcoming release of their deep space adventure game Lonely Adventure.

Slated for Q3 2019, Lonely Adventure is a first person game set in the year 2050 where players journey to the edge of the Solar System and finds out that humanity is in danger. As a pilot of a prototype vessel players set out to investigate a series of recorded anomalies throughout the Solar System. Each location must be visited and explored.

Players will be required to manage the ships resources and fuel while being aware of their own personal needs such as sleep. The ship will need to be maintained as well be aware of threats such as cosmic radiation and of course aliens.

All of the previously mentioned activities will need to be micromanaged as players progress through the sci-fi story filled with several plot twists. The original story explores humanity’s place in the universe.

Lonely Adventure is set for a Q3 2019 release on PC. For more information visit the game’s site at

Ingraw Games (@IngrawGames Twitter) is a new small and independent game studio based in Poland. The main author of Lonely Adventure has a Ph.D. in physics. The studio concentrates its interest on quasi-realistic rendering of space phenomena in the studio’s first game.