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MINImax Tinyverse Launches on Steam Early Access

Independent studio O’ol Blue has released their free to play real-time tower-rush game MINImax Tinyverse where players can be a god. The game had recently finished its final beta test period back in November.

With the Early Access Release comes the Two Realms Unlock Pack DLC. This DLC allows players to remove all the realm-locks on any locked characters, miracles, and provides the necessary in-game currency to obtain them for both realms.

MINImax Tinyverse is set in a world with two realms of tiny beings trying to conquer their rival’s towers. Players take the role of a god on the 3D battlefield using strategy to summon miracles and control the environment to lead their side to victory.

We wanted to make a competitive PvP gameplay version of Lemmings when we began creating MINImax Tinyverse. Warcraft 3 also helped us to crystalize some game mechanics and we were inspired by the gameplay simplicity in Clash of Clans too.

Kim Nam Seok, CEO & Executive Producer at O’ol Blue Inc.

Players enter the battle after selecting one specialist from among a total of four fighters, assembling troops from 11 different options, and choosing six miracles from a total of 22. Champions can be picked up and dropped onto the battlefield in this fast paced 1v1 strategic brawler.

MINImax Tinyverse is available to play now for free on Steam Early Access. The Two Realms Unlock DLC is regularly priced at $24.99 USD. A special promotion offer of $19.99 USD for the DLC runs until January 2, 2019.

O’ol Blue Inc. is a game developer based in Seongnam, Korea. Founded in March 2013 the company launched their mobile RPG Hunters League on One Store with Google Play and Apple App Store launches the following year. MINImax Tinyverse is their next project.

Visit the MINImax Tinyverse or O’ol Blue sites for more information.