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Space Toads Mayhem Leaps Onto Steam

LimeVibe Games announced their retro-like shoot’em up, Space Toads Mayhem is now available on Steam.

Much akin to classic arcade shoot’em up games, Space Toads Mayhem keeps the retro elements while adding some modern design mechanics. Players will need to be skillful and maintain constant movement while paying attention to the emotional states of the enemies. While simple, these emotional states affect how enemies behave and when they will attack.

With all classic arcade shooters come powerups and Space Toads Mayhem is no exception. This game’s powerups are epic with things like Mega Death Sun and Vicious Red Hole.

As players progress through the level, powerups become harder to find and the difficulty increases. There are also nasty traps that begin to appear. No level can be learned by heart because of unpredictability in enemy behavior and randomized gameplay elements.

Space Toads Mayhem is available for PC and Mac on Steam at $3.99 USD. A special 15% off promotion for $3.39 USD runs until November 27, 2018.

LimeVibe Games is a single person studio based in England and formed by developer and artist Lukasz Snopkiewicz (Follow on Twitter). Always accompanied by his epic dogs Toby & Sally, Snopkiewicz aims to deliver high quality retro-inspired entertainment for the discerning indie games connoisseur.

For more information on Space Toads Mayhem or LimeVibe Games visit their sites.