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Ironsmith Studios Presents Fused A Visually Stunning Cyber Puzzle Platformer

Indie developer, Ironsmith Studios, presented Fused, their first person cyber-world puzzle platformer.

Fused takes place inside a computer network owned by the largest computer manufacturing company, Skystar Systems. The network has been ravaged by a mysterious system shock. It is up to the player to restore each level to working order while figuring out what exactly happened.

The player takes control of a polite Nano-byte NF-01 unit that prefers to go by Nigel to fix blown fuses from the system overload. As the player progresses through levels they will encounter data files that contain fragmented information about who and what caused the attack.

Levels are designed to feel like the player is moving along a circuit board on linear pathways. Players will deal with barriers and traps (short circuits) while fixing puzzles using a three color system. Red allows the player to phase past barriers, green lets the player use launch pads, and blue provides the player a speed boost. Fuses are spawned by the player to repair fuse boxes and restore power.

Emissive lighting and colorful particles provide visually stunning level pathways with an inspiration from Disney’s Tron films.

Fused utilizes the Unreal 4 engine giving the world its visuals of bright colors and shapes with emissive lighting. A VR headset option is available for the player to look around the levels and take in the stunning visuals.

The NF-01 is alive with a voice actor that communicates with the player. Fused is designed for all ages and has the ability to move onto consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Fused is expecting a Q2 2019 release. The game is the first of a planned trilogy of games set in the Skystar Systems Universe. The second game is a 2D side scroll shooter that finds itself in a 1980s arcade setting. A VR focused third game is slated for the world of Skystar Systems.

Ironsmith Studios (Follow on Twitter) is an indie developer founded by Chris Legg and is based in Weymouth, England. Legg graduated from University of South Wales with a Masters in Games Enterprise and has nearly 30 years gaming experience.

For more information about Fused or Ironsmith Studios visit their sites.