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The Front of Greed Now in Open Beta

Easy, speedy, and fair. Those are the three ideas behind LightningSoft’s The Front of Greed. And did we mention they are against pay to win?

In The Front of Greed players experience a fast action military FPS. Effort has been made to reduce the time needed to make it to the battle lines maintaining the tension of the battle.

The Front of Greed Logo
The Front of Greed Logo | LightningSoft

A simple map level was designed to make combat between players more frequent. The game user interface aids players in the location of other players and current happenings. 

A feature called IFF, Identification Friend or Foe, has been added to allow players to recognize enemies more easily.

Players can join the current open beta through Steam or Game&Game

The story behind The Front of Greed is a world that has allowed three big bloc economies to rise, the North American Federation, Neo European Union, and East Asian Union in 2025. These economies have extended markets and massive companies.

With the rise of these economic blocs, natural resources were over-consumed. With resources shortages, and rising inflation, companies struggled to find a solution. That is until a new vein of resources was discovered in North Africa. Now the economic powers are in competition for control of this new discovery.

For more game information visit The Front of Greed site. To learn about LightningSoft please visit their site.