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Cities: Skylines Rolls Industries DLC Off The Assembly Line

The Industries DLC for the popular city simulation franchise Cities: Skylines from Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order is now available.

Available on PC, Mac, and Linux Industries offers the most in-depth DLC in the Cities: Skylines franchise yet. Players are able to customize their industrial areas with supply chains from four different resource types. There is also a new city mail service, cargo airport, five new maps, new policies, new city services, new buildings, and much more.

On Paradox Interactive’s YouTube channel they are offering a series of tutorials for the Industries DLC.

In addition to the Industries DLC launch, Cities: Skylines is getting a new radio channel, Synthetic Dawn Radio. The station features 16 original songs across four genres: 80s Electro, Vocoding Electro, Breakbeats, and Futuristic Synths.

A free update is now available for download that included the addition of toll booths and toll roads. These roads generate income for your city, but at the cost of slowing traffic. Players can designate historical buildings, and create custom name lists for citizens, districts, and buildings.

Industries is listed for a $14.99 USD MSRP on Steam. Synthetic Dawn Radio is available today for $3.99 USD MSRP on Steam.