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Steampunk Graveyard Will Land On Steam Before Halloween

Bad Logic Studios announced this past Friday, October 20, that their zombie steampunk themed action platformer, Steampunk Graveyard, will come to Steam in time for Halloween.

Steampunk Graveyard is a 2D action platform game. Players guide the mechanically enhanced Professor Selene Gasket, a former protégé of Baron Richter von Sprocket, as she stops the Baron’s zombie automatons and saves terrified villagers.

Floating above in his hot air balloon, Baron Richter von Sprocket controls his creations remotely using a remote radio device. Players will fight against zombie automatons and grenade throwing brain-drones.

Selene is armed with a revolver, powerful explosives, and spring-loaded blades. All of these aid in Selene’s journey from graveyard to graveyard as she puts an end to the Baron’s evil plans.

Steampunk Graveyard will be available for Windows PC on Steam when it launches.

Visit the Steampunk Graveyard Steam page for more information. For more about Bad Logic Studios please visit their site.

Previous titles from Bad Logic Studios include Fortune & Gloria and Pirate Island Rescue. Steampunk Graveyard is the studio’s third release.