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Post-Apocalyptic RPG Aeon of Sands Drops in December

On October 17, Two Bits Kid announced the release of date its retro post-apocalyptic low fantasy RPG. Aeon of Sands – The Trail is set in a dangerously pixelated desert world. This world also eats people and has a taste for city clerks. You happen to be a city clerk and it’s lunchtime.

The game is a first person fully illustrated non-linear choose your story adventure with grid-based exploration, puzzles, and real-time combat. Aeon of Sands – The Trail story is “basically choose your adventure featuring dungeon crawling”.

Players accompany Setrani, a vain nap-loving clerk on his story adventure. Guide him through his struggles as he travels a path over a dangerous desert land ravaged by weather, tribal enmity, and unpredictable traps.

Setrani will face situations that feature illustrated multiple choice dialogues. Your decisions will open new areas to explorations and close off other areas while meeting new companions or making enemies.

There are 20 locations and more than 60 mazes and dungeons to explore. Over 140 dialogues, 240 hand-drawn illustrations, and a completely hand-drawn 2.5D environment. Up to 2 other characters may join your party with each character’s personality influencing the story.

Aeon of Sands – The Trail will be available on Windows PC and Mac starting December 4, 2018, on Steam.

For more information visit the Aeon of Sands – The Trail site. 

Two Bits Kid is based in Berlin, Germany and founded by Florian Fischer and Marco Pedrana. Fischer is a software architect and software developer responsible for the technical direction, game mechanics, and programming. (Follow him on Twitter) Pedrana is an illustrator, drafter, and social narrative artist responsible for game directions, story, visuals, and audio editing. (Follow him on Twitter