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Matching Meadows Demo Unveils a Colorful City-Building Card Game

Dutch indie developer Squeezecat has released a demo for their colorful city-building card game, Matching Meadows. The vibrant game’s demo is currently playable for free during the Steam Next Fest February 2024 event.

Build a peaceful village that is in harmony with nature or forge a bustling metropolis full of industry and activity. Matching Meadows is a card game where each tile or card in the deck not only expands the colorful landscape, but offers its own unique objective. Players will find themselves solving an ever evolving puzzle with each move and decision made. Seek out a balance between city, nature, and industry.

The Matching Meadows Steam Next Fest demo features five unique levels that will challenge a player’s strategic thinking skill set.

When the game fully releases later this month, players will find dozens of handcrafted levels to complete. Gameplay is designed to be easy to pick up and play, yet challenging to master. Players can use leaderboards to compete with their friends and perfect their strategies.

This is the first game from the newly established indie game studio, Squeezecat.

Matching Meadows Availability

The Matching Meadows demo is available on Steam for the Steam Next Fest event currently underway.

Matching Meadows has a release date set for February 29, 2024 and will launch on Windows PC via Steam. Players can now add the game to their Steam wishlists and get notified when the game becomes available.

For more information visit the game’s product page on Steam or watch the “Learn the basics of Matching Meadows” video below or on the Squeezecat YouTube channel.

Learn the basics of Matching Meadows | Squeezecat

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Squeezecat is a small indie game developer established in 2023 as a collaboration between two eccentric Dutch hermits. With big ambitions, the duo strives to make their mark in the strategy game genre. Matching Meadows is the first game from the studio.