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Dust & Neon Twin-Stick Shooter Now on PS5 and Xbox

Rogue Games and developer David Marquardt Studios are blasting their way onto PS5 and Xbox with their twin-stick shooter Dust & Neon. As the Grand Winner of the NYX Game Awards 2023, the post-apocalyptic title features Wild West action, roguelite RPG progression, and wagon-loads of loot.

We’re thrilled to release our acclaimed post-apocalyptic shooter on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, where the game really shines. These versions feature a host of gameplay tweaks, brand new play modes, and also a blazing fast frame rate in 4K, leveling up an already great experience to a best-in-class one.

Matt Casamassina, CEO of Rogue Games

With loads of unique guns, the game is now locked and loaded with even more content. The game has added a bunch of new missions in the Challenge Arena. Defend radio beacons, defuse bombs, and take down opposing automatons in the arena.

Weapons galore! Players can now use laser weapons in addition to the previously available arsenal of guns. Players can try out the new boss rotation system to test their aim and their luck.

About Dust & Neon

Make a mark in a robot apocalypse version of the Wild West as a nameless mysterious cyborg gunslinger. After being brought back to life by the rat-chasing mad scientist Dr. Finkel, all that is left to do for this cyborg is to restore order to a world in chaos.

Pick a weapon, any will do suffice. Revolver, shotgun, or rifle are ready to fire with perfectly timed shots to shred through metal armies. The game’s distinct reloading mechanic makes the timing of reloads is critical while in combat.

Pick a favorite shooting weapon from over two-thousand available guns such as Furious Dual Barrel Embrace of Death or the Frenetic Top Loaded Twenty-Two. Unlock dozens of sharpshooting skills and game-changing buffs. Build-up an arsenal and make a scrapheap out of a bunch of metal robots.

Dust & Neon Availability

Dust & Neon is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S for $19.99. For a limited time PlayStation Plus users can take 30% discount and Xbox owners can take a 20% discount on the title. The award-winning game includes all previously released content and the brand new missions in the Challenge Arena. Vibration function support is available on the PS5 version of Dust & Neon.

Last February, Dust & Neon launched on Windows PC via Humble Bundle, Steam and Epic Games Store and on Nintendo Switch and is currently available for $19.99.

For more information visit the game’s site at

Dust & Neon – Console Launch Trailer | Rogue Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Rogue Games (@Rogue_Co X (formerly Twitter), @rogueint Facebook, YouTube) is San Mateo, California headquartered video game publisher. Founded by industry leaders with more than 150 years of game publishing the experience, the company brings innovative and distinct games to market. With offices located in Los Angeles and Seattle, the publisher has an extensive portfolio of titles that includes Arcanium, Monomals, Bright Paw, Super Impossible Road, Fisti-Fluffs, Sprawl, Swordcar, and Unicorns on Unicycles.

David Marquardt Studios (@MarquardtGames X (formerly Twitter), @DavidMarquardtGames Facebook, YouTube) is a small video game development studio based in Sweden. The studio produces high-quality games and assets. Glitch Dash, Fluffy Jump, and Pull My Tongue are mobile titles developed by the studio. Currently the studio is busy developing Dust & Neon for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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