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Steam Next Fest February 2023 Is Underway!

It is time for Steam Next Fest February 2023 Edition! The annual February event is underway offering seven days full of game demos and developer livestreams.

Before the hype of Avalanche Software’s Hogwarts Legacy casts a spell over you or Omega Force’s Wild Hearts has you battling massive boars, the time to see what game’s are coming next is now. The seven day event promises hundreds of demos and oodles of livestreams. The livestreams in most cases will feature a game’s developer and will offer a chance for players to ask questions via chat. While oodles may not be a real number, if the event is anything like last year’s Steam Next Fest, there will not be enough time to see every single livestream.

Prior to the event launch, a Steam Next Fest February 2023 Edition Event Trailer dropped on the Steam YouTube channel. The trailer teased dozens of titles and showed off gameplay for many more: FAKE HEART, RUSHAWAY, Infection Free Zone, Spiritfall, Bramble: The Mountain King, Dungeon Drafters, Ghostland Yard, Trinity Fusion, and The Last Case of Benedict Fox.

From apocalyptic worlds to mysterious dungeon adventures there is just about something for everyone during the week-long event. For a complete list of participating game titles, head to the Steam Next Fest event page on either the Steam client or Steam website. Games on the event page are broken down into categories: Action, Adventure, Strategy, Simulation, RPG, Puzzle, Platformer, Sports+Racing, Multiplayer, Controller, and VR.

For each game players find interesting or want to hear about when it launches, they can visit the game’s Steam page and add it to their wishlist. When the game launches, an email notification will be sent notifying them of the release.

While Steam Next Fest offers lots of activities for video game fans the event is greatly beneficial for developers. Early feedback from players in addition to building up their community offers developers great value ahead of their game’s launch. Developers who would like to participate in Steam Next Fest for their future game title will want to watch for the next event announcement on Steamworks which will feature registration details and deadlines.

The Steam Next Fest February 2023 Edition beings on Monday, February 6 at 10AM PST and ends on Monday, February 13 at 10AM PST. To access the event visit the Steam Next Fest page from the Steam store within the Steam client or visit the event page in a web browser.

Steam Next Fest – February 2023 Edition – Event Trailer | Valve