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Wall World Mining Roguelite Tower Defense Demo

Alawar Premium has released a demo for their upcoming mining roguelite tower defense game Wall World. With the full game coming later this year and the demo offers a taste of like on the mysterious Wall.

Welcome to the Wall! Using a giant robot spider, players will explore and mine the mysterious for resources. The robot spider acts as both a base and a defensive stronghold with a variety of weapons. Hordes of monsters will unleash wave after wave of attacks. In order to survive, equipment upgrades are a must.

Naturally upgrades require resources which will have to be mined in between attack waves. Digging for resources can lead to new exotic biomes and other unearthed secrets. The only question is will one be able to survive long enough to discover all the secrets the Wall has to offer?

In the Wall World demo, players are introduced to the games updated controls and digging mechanics. This demo features other changes over previous demos that include new enemy types, new locations, balance tweaks, general improvements, and improved robot engine in the main menu store. Plus there are many other unlisted changes and updates.

Wall World has a planned release for 2023 on PC. The Wall World demo is available on Steam where players can also add the game to their wishlist. For more information visit

Wall World – Trailer | Alawar Premium

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