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Deceive Inc. Release Date, Open Beta and Demo Details

Tripwire Presents and developer Sweet Bandits Studios have set a March release date for Deceive Inc., the fast-paced stealth spy shooter. A free multiplayer PC demo is heading to February’s Steam Next Fest and the cross-platform Open Beta is scheduled for early March.

Running from February 6 through February 13 during Steam Next Fest, players can grab a look at what it takes to be a world-class Agent in the Deceive Inc. demo. The demo will be free to play on Steam during the event.

Before the game’s March 21 release date, players can dive into the Deceive Inc. Open Beta that features cross-platform support. The Open Beta will start on March 10 at 2PM EST and will conclude on March 13 at 11AM EST. Players on all launch day supported platforms will be able to play for free during the Open Beta. An Open Beta Announcement Trailer is viewable below and on the Tripwire Interactive YouTube channel.

Hands-on training time with all eight launch-day agents will be available for new players. Two multiplayer maps: Hard Sell and Silver Reef will allow new players to master the art of espionage as they explore and get a feel for the game. Hard Sell takes place at a luxurious mansion on a private Mediterranean island that offers a little bit of everything. Silver Reef puts players deep under the North Sea in a close quarters luxury resort full of glass tunnels, restaurants, and a high tech submarine.

The game itself pulls players into a world of high-stakes subterfuge. As an Agent for a corporation with a complete monopoly over the international espionage market, players find themselves fighting against rival Agents who are working towards the same objective. Players can disguise themselves as anyone or anything, utilize state-of-the-art gadgets, and use powerful skills to accomplish their objective.

Blend in, grab the objective, and break out without being seen is the goal. However, in the end, company policy allows only one Agent to complete the mission and reap the rewards.

Leading up to the release, the developer and publisher began to release a series of videos detailing various aspects of the game. The first video, Meet the Sweet Bandits Developer Diary, discussed gameplay inspiration and the challenges an independent studio faces when looking for a publisher. Other videos took a look at different Agents and their gameplay.

Deceive Inc. has a March 21, 2023 release date set for PC and console release. For PC Deceive Inc. will launch on Steam and Epic Games Store, and on consoles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The MSRP for the Standard Edition is priced at $19.99 and the Black Tie Edition MSRP is $29.99. Interested players can wishlist the game now on their preferred platform. Follow @PlayDeceiveinc on Twitter and Like @PlayDeceiveinc on Facebook for more information.

Deceive Inc. – Open Beta Announcement Trailer – March 10-13 | Tripwire Interactive

Sweet Bandits Studios (@Sweet_Bandits Twitter, @sweetbanditsstudios Facebook) is a small studio based in Quebec, Canada. The studio takes pride in their openness and involvement of all team members in studio-wide decision-making. In 2018, the studio released their first title Coffence. Currently the developer is busy working on Deceive Inc., a fast-paced spy shooter.

Tripwire Interactive (@TripwireInt Twitter, @tripwireinteractive Facebook, YouTube) is an independent developer based out of Roswell, Georgia. The company started off by making the Red Orchestra mod, later winning the “Make Something Unreal” competition in 2004. Since then the studio has won numerous Multiplayer and FPS Game of the Year awards from top editorial sites. Millions having played a Red Orchestra or Killing Floor game, with an average play time of over 40 hours, per player, per game. With this success, the developer expanded its business to include Tripwire Presents that publishes titles on multiple platforms and genres from talented studios.