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Deceive Inc. Developer Diary Series to Explore the Spy Shooter

Tripwire Presents and developer Sweet Bandits Studios have released the first Developer Diary for Deceive Inc., the fast-paced stealth spy shooter. This first video in a multi-video series covers the game’s journey, the developer’s inception and collaborative partnership with the game’s publisher.

Gameplay elements take inspiration from 1970s spy-movies and include a range of modern and futuristic gadgets. The developers dive into all the inspirations behind Deceive Inc., and explain their goal of making each player feel like that are in a spy-vs-spy movie from the 1970s.

In the video the developers at Sweet Bandit Studios also took time to speak about the challenges in finding the right publishing partner for the title. As an independent studio, the developers wanted to find the right publisher who are also game developers that support the studio’s vision for a new approach to the multiplayer scene.

The Deceive Inc. Developer Diary #1 – Meet the Sweet Bandits is available now for viewing below or on the Tripwire Interactive YouTube channel.

Deceive Inc. is scheduled to launch in early 2023 on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, and on consoles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Interested players can wishlist the game now and sign-up for upcoming Alpha playtests on the official website. Follow @PlayDeceiveinc on Twitter and Like @PlayDeceiveinc on Facebook.

Deceive Inc. Developer Diary #1 – Meet the Sweet Bandits! | Tripwire Interactive

Sweet Bandits Studios (@Sweet_Bandits Twitter, @sweetbanditsstudios Facebook) is a small studio based in Quebec, Canada. The studio takes pride in their openness and involvement of all team members in studio-wide decision-making. In 2018, the studio released their first title Coffence. Currently the developer is busy working on Deceive Inc., a fast-paced spy shooter.

Tripwire Interactive (@TripwireInt Twitter, @tripwireinteractive Facebook, YouTube) is an independent developer based out of Roswell, Georgia. The company started off by making the Red Orchestra mod, later winning the “Make Something Unreal” competition in 2004. Since then the studio has won numerous Multiplayer and FPS Game of the Year awards from top editorial sites. Millions having played a Red Orchestra or Killing Floor game, with an average play time of over 40 hours, per player, per game. With this success, the developer expanded its business to include Tripwire Presents that publishes titles on multiple platforms and genres from talented studios.

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