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Superfuse Hack and Slash ARPG Enters Steam Early Access

Raw Fury and developer Stitch Heads have released their comic-book styled hack and slash ARPG, Superfuse on Steam Early Access. Select a class and be a hero alone or with friends.

Set on the mining asteroid Eros, Superfuse blends comic-book styling with action RPG in a fight for humanity’s survival. Eros is a distant outpost in the galaxy after the Earth has been abandoned by humanity. Now mysterious and terrifying creatures called “The Corruption” threatens all human life.

Players take on the role of an Enforcer, a super-powered protector of humanity. There are three classes to choose from: Berserker, Elementalist, or Technomancer. Each class have ‘fuses’ that can be applied to their powers, creating an array of unique skills. Powers can be reallocated and redesigned to counter powerful enemies.

Both single player campaign and co-op mode of up to four players are available. Online multiplayer gameplay features a PvE drop in/out co-op campaign where players can mix and match classes.

Powerful weapons, hi-tech armour, and boosters are lootable items from enemies. A range of items with randomized stats can drop all offering a chance to make one’s hero more powerful. Players can head to the Solar Map and take on procedurally generated contracts for greater challenges. Naturally the high-level enemies carry the best loot.

Levels are both procedurally generated and handcrafted. Every playthrough offers a different look as levels will reshape themselves. The isometric world features music by award-winning composer Michael McCann (Deux Ex, Borderlands 3).

The game was designed from the beginning with Early Access in mind. With so much of the core experience coming from the skill system it makes sense to the developer to involve the community early.

In the initial Early Access release, players will find part of the story that provides an introduction to the world and conflicts facing the Enforcers. Post-campaign content will be offered on the Solar Map. When the game leaves Early Access, the full version will be a more robust version of the game including any new content and features added during the development process. Possible additions include new campaign expansions, an additional hero, new loot, and controller support. Superfuse was first announced in March 2022.

Superfuse is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $24.99/£20.99/€24.99. For more information follow @SuperfuseGame on Twitter, join the Superfuse Discord or visit

Superfuse Early Access Launch Trailer | Raw Fury

Raw Fury (@RawFury Twitter, @rawfury Facebook, YouTube) is an indie publisher based in Sweden that focuses more on experience and emotions in a game over genre and mechanics. The publisher in 2019 founded the Zagreb, Croatia based Fury Studios which now has nearly twenty employees working on multiple projects that include West of Dead and the Kingdom franchise.

Stitch Heads (@StitchHeads Twitter, @StitchHeads Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game development studio based in Breda, the Netherlands. Founded in 2015, the team of about 30 developers work’s on the studio’s mission to deliver well-designed, polished, and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences with deep worlds and beautiful art. In 2018, the studio released Kabounce. Currently the studio is busy working on Superfuse.