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Superfuse Superhero ARPG Announced

Raw Fury and developer Stitch Heads unveiled a new superhero-themed ARPG, Superfuse. This comicbook-inspired game is the most ambitious project yet for the developer.

Centuries ago, Earth was dying and humanity had escaped on technology funded by the corporate elite. Spreading across the solar system, the wealthy lived in luxury. Their lives were extended via augmentations giving them superpowers.

While much of humanity clinged to life, these elites were effectively gods. Dissent grew among the populace, but a new threat, the Corruption, emerged in the form of shambling monsters. Enforcers were created by the elite to deal with this new danger. As a member of the Enforcers players must do whatever is necessary to maintain order and ensure a future for humanity.

In Superfuse, the action RPG elements take center stage as players hack-and-slash their way through hordes of enemies. An extremely robust skill-tree system allows players to customize their powers to fit their playstyle. Pick a class then apply fuses to their powers to create unique skills. Powers can be reallocated and redesigned letting players adapt and counter powerful bosses. The same character can be played wildly different from person to person.

Superheroes need super weapons, hi-tech armor, and boosters. Hundreds of different types of loot with randomized stats is waiting to be collected. Loot can be traded with friends or sold to earn credits that can be used for items one may desire.

Solo the galaxy offline or create a hero for play in four-player PvE co-op campaign modes. Online multiplayer allows players to drop-in/out. Mixing and matching classes can create the perfect superhero team.

Levels are procedurally generated for the isometric world. Players will never fight the same path twice as levels will reshape themselves for every playthrough. Characters and NPCs are fully voiced and brought to life. For example the Berserker class is voiced by the award-winning actor Eli Harris.

Superfuse is heading to early access on Windows PC via Steam in 2022. Full release is planned for 2023. Interested players can wishlist the ARPG Superfuse on Steam now. Visit or follow @SuperfuseGame on Twitter for more information.

Announcing Superfuse – An ARPG Coming This Year | Raw Fury

Raw Fury (@RawFury Twitter) is an indie publisher based in Sweden that focuses more on experience and emotions in a game over genre and mechanics. The publisher in 2019 founded the Zagreb, Croatia based Fury Studios which now has nearly twenty employees working on multiple projects that include West of Dead and the Kingdom franchise.

Stitch Heads (@StitchHeads Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Breda, the Netherlands. Founded in 2015, the team of around 30 developers work’s on the studio’s mission to deliver well-designed, polished, and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences with deep worlds and beautiful art. Previously the studio released Kabounce and currently the studio is busy working on Superfuse.