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HELLCARD Releases Prologue Ahead of February Launch

Skystone Games and independent developer Thing Trunk announced the February release of HELLCARD, the latest story in the Book of Demons series. Players can also check out the now available HELLCARD: Prologue to get a preview of what is to come.

Taking place in the paper dungeons first introduced in Book of Demons, HELLCARD features mechanics that revolve around deckbuilding and fast-paced technical battles. To separate the game from other deckbuilders, the game brings a range of features that require players to think carefully about each move. For example, monster placement actually matters and can be an advantage or detriment in battle.

Co-op battles offer a multiplayer option for those who like group environments. Up to three heroes can face off against the Archdemon’s hordes. Bother friends and random strangers can be selected for multiplayer gameplay.

For solo gameplay there is single-player mode. One can descend into the dungeons alone or recruit AI-controlled companions to share the work load.

Along with the HELLCARD: Prologue release is a new trailer. The 80 second video showcases gameplay elements that take bits from several genres including adventure, RPG, and strategy. All of these elements combine to create a unique co-op deckbuilding roguelike experience.

HELLCARD launches in Early Access on PC via Steam on February 16, 2023. The HELLCARD: Prologue is available free to play on Steam. Visit the game’s Steam product pages for more information.

Hellcard Release Date Announcement Trailer | Thing Trunk

Skystone Games (@Skystone_Games Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) is a multiplatform game company that aims to be a leader in the video game publishing sector. Industry veterans David Brevik, creator of the Diablo franchise, and Bill Wang, previously from Perfect World Co. Ltd. and Giant Games, created Skystone Games to uncover and highlight talent around the world. Currently the company is busy working on multiple projects including Undying and Spacelines from the Far Out.

Thing Trunk (@ThingTrunk Twitter, @ThingTrunk Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game development studio. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the studio’s core team is comprised of ten dedicated developers. The studio’s three founders, Filip Starzyński, Konstanty Kalicki, and Maciej Biedrzycki are casual game industry veterans. Currently the studio is focused on the ambitious Return 2 Games idea.