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Nightmare Indie Survival Horror Coming to Steam

Independent developer DiTMGames announced that Nightmare, their single player horror-survival game is heading to Steam this fall. The Early Access game is also being self-published by to solo developer studio.

It’s just a bad dream, right? Players will find themselves locked in a bad dream. To leave it, they will need to explore the dark and ominous environment and fight some ghosts.

Everything will test the player’s sanity. Careful examination of the environment will allow players to collect items that can be combined to create light sources. Not only do these light sources offer protection, they help increase one’s sanity.

The game features realistic 3D graphics in a disturbingly dark setting along with high-quality 3D sounds. This environment is designed to keep one under stress at all times. Game progression is unpredictable as the AI will change tactics and become more aggressive with time.

Various actions and activities in game will grant experience and light tokens. Perks can be bought with these items. Each game is different as items may be found in different locations. An Expert Mode changes the game’s core logic and mechanic to challenge a player’s reflexes, nerves, and speed.

Nightmare has a planned release Early Access release for this fall on Steam. Interested players can wishlist and follow the game now on Steam. For more information follow @nightmare_horrorgame on TikTok, subscribe to the Nightmare YouTube channel, or join the game’s Discord. The developer is also active on Reddit as u/DimaTM and posts often about the game.

Nightmare – Official Launch Trailer | DiTMGames

DiTMGames is a solo indie development studio based in Ukraine. Currently the studio is working on the upcoming survival-horror game, Nightmare. In the future, the studio is planning to add more developers to the team.