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Prosperous Universe Space Economy MMO is Out on Steam

Independent game developer simulogics today officially launched on Steam their early access massively multiplayer online (MMO) space economy sandbox simulation, Prosperous Universe.

Seven years of development has gone into Prosperous Universe. Thousands of the players have signed up to play the game since December 2018, when the First Access phase of the game was released. In 2019 the game went free-to-play and aims to avoid microtransactions. Two years after the First Access phase, the Early Access phase had begun.

During the Early Access, the developer’s goal is to build a strong community presence within the game and integrate player feedback into the development of the game’s systems. Full release is at least one year away and a firm release date is not available at this time. Several features are being planned for full release that include asteroid mining, stock market, information trade, and space stations. Upon full launch they game’s universe will become persistent.

The game is centered around a space economy where players make meaningful choices that will directly impact the overall economy. Each planet is home to several factions and deciding who to trust, who to exploit, and who to betray is all on the player. Every decision can contribute to the success or failure of the player’s company. Learning how to optimize strategies, exploit systems, form coalitions with others, and navigate politics are critical for success. As players venture out in the Prosperous Universe MMO they will have nearly endless possibilities to carve their own path.

Prosperous Universe is available in early access on Windows and Linux through Steam as a free-to-play game. A Mac version will follow shortly after today’s Steam launch. The browser-based version of the game is still available and supported on the game’s website in both free and premium versions. Visit or follow @prosp_universe on Twitter for more information

Prosperous Universe – Cinematic Trailer | simulogics

simulogics (@simulogics Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Darmstadt, Germany. Known for creating browser-based MMOs for expert gamers the developer has been working on Prosperous Universe since 2015. In 2012 the developer launched the still active AirlineSim.